Student Services

Katie Keesecker

Katie Keesecker


Phone: 563-386-3570(extension 1015)
Direct Line: 563-594-5807(voice or text)
Fax: 563-726-0615

MAP Program (Peer Mentoring)

All Hamilton Tech students are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of the MAP (Mentoring, Application, and Preparation) Program. The MAP Program is offered at no additional cost to you. When you feel that you need some assistance with any of your courses, please contact Katrina at (309) 269-9705 or visit her office to arrange a mentor.

Student Advising

If you have a problem, and need someone to talk to, the Student Services Advisor is available. During the course of your training, you are encouraged to make full use of this service for any of the following, personal, financial, scholastic, etc.

Housing Assistance

Hamilton Tech does not offer on-campus housing. However, the Student Services Advisor maintains a list of housing options close to the College. Individual leasing terms are established between the apartment complex and the tenant. If you have additional questions on housing, contact the Student Services Advisor.


Transportation to and from school is your responsibility. To learn about ride-sharing or public transportation, contact the Student Services Advisor.

Part-time Job Assistance

Hamilton Tech may assist you with job leads for part-time employment while you are in school. A listing of current part-time employment opportunities is posted on the monitors in the main hallway or can be obtained from the Student Services Advisor.

Student Achievement and Graduation

At Hamilton Tech, you work hard and we reward hard work. If you achieve high marks, you are honored at graduation with special awards. For Example, graduates in the School of Allied Health are awarded for earning the highest CGPA in the class. Graduates with the highest CGPA in the School of Technology are awarded with Alpha Beta Kappa membership

Employers prefer you have excellent class attendance because they believe if you show up for class, you will show up for work. To reinforce the importance of strong attendance, we will formally recognize you for achieving perfect attendance or excellent attendance. Additionally,

Formal graduation ceremonies are held for every graduating class. The choice to enroll, attend and complete your training at Hamilton Tech is a big accomplishment, and your family is encouraged to attend graduation and cheer you on as you receive your hard-earned diploma or degree.

President's & Deans' List

At the end of each semester students can earn recognition for academic achievement:

  • President's List - SGPA of 3.5 to 4.0
  • Deans' List - SGPA of 3.0 to 3.49

Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society

Hamilton Tech maintains the Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society for degree programs. If you graduate with the highest grade point average in an individual graduating class you will be inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society with initiation and lifetime membership fees paid by the college.

In Service Day

For the purpose of faculty /staff development, the school may close on a preannounced day. Typically these In Service days coincide with the Memorial Day and Labor Day Holidays.

School Closing

If the college must be closed due to severe weather conditions or other unavoidable circumstances, you will be notified through local radio and television stations. If you have a question on the status of the school being open or closed you should call the main school telephone number (563) 386-3570 for information or you may check the School Closing link on the Hamilton Tech website at: which will direct you to local media.

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