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Admissions Policy

To be admitted to Hamilton Tech, applicants must: (1) be 17 years of age on or before the first day of classes, and (2) possess a high school diploma (or recognized equivalency certificate).

Applicants who are 17 will be required to have a parent/guardian cosign the Enrollment Agreement.

Persons interested in obtaining information about Hamilton Tech and its program offerings should contact the campus to speak with an Admissions Representative. Admissions Representatives will provide general information about Hamilton Tech for the prospective student in order to determine if a Professional Career Advisory Session (PCAS) is appropriate.
A prospective student interested in obtaining more information about Hamilton Tech must participate in a PCAS with an Admissions Representative. During the PCAS, the Admissions Representatives will discuss admissions requirements. Additionally, the Admissions Representative will review educational options, program information, career opportunities, student services and support, educational costs, conduct a tour of the facilities, and have available disclosure information as required by Federal, State, and Accrediting Agencies.
After participating in the PCAS, prospective students who are both qualified and interested in applying to Hamilton Tech must complete an Application for Consideration. All Applications for Consideration will be accompanied by an Admission Representative's recommendation* about the applicant to the Admissions Committee outlining the applicant's strengths and potential challenges associated with their ability to complete the program and be eligible for post-graduation employability. Admissions Requirements include proof of high school graduation and evaluation of all required documentation (See Below). The following admissions requirements will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee prior to enrollment.

*While Admissions Representatives are responsible for passing on critical information to the Admissions Committee, they do not have the authority to determine acceptance.

US High School/ GED Applicants

To be considered for enrollment at Hamilton Technical College, applicants must provide a high school/GED transcript. Valid transcripts include:

  • A High School transcript earned from an institution regionally accredited by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education.
  • A General Equivalency Diploma (GED) earned by a state approved program
  • A Homeschool Transcript on file with regionally accredited school district recognized by the US Department of Education (if the student's Homeschool transcript is not on file with a local regionally accredited school district, he/she is encouraged to complete the GED in his/her state).

Under extenuating circumstances, if a High School transcript cannot be obtained in cases such as a school closing, damaged files due to disaster, or aged or lost files, an official letter stating graduation from High School written from the State Department of Education or School recognized by the State Department of Education (if such documentation is available) may be acceptable as verification of High School Graduation.
The college maintains a database of recognized high schools and GED institutions. If an institution attended is not on that list, the Registrar will research the accreditation of the institution to determine if it meets the requirements stated earlier. If approved, the institution will be added to the approved list and an Advising Report will be completed stating that the transcript was approved. If the institution does not meet the accreditation standards, the applicant's file will be considered incomplete and an Advising Report will be written to document the reason for incomplete status. All documentation will be filed in the applicant's file.

International Applicants

When applying for admission to Hamilton Technical College as a graduate of a High School outside the United States, the applicant must request a verified/translated copy of their high school transcript. Applicants are referred to Educational Perspectives at for credentialing. Educational Perspectives should be instructed to send a copy of the General Report to Hamilton Technical College, Dean of Students, 1011 East 53rd Street, Davenport, Iowa 52807. The Dean of Students will consult with the Campus Director, and Registrar and write an Advising Report stating that the documentation was approved or disapproved for enrollment and what factors led to the decision. All documentation will be filed in the applicant's file.

Transfers from Other Educational Institutions

If enrolling in a degree program, and seeking transfer of credits from another accredited institution (including official military transcripts), the applicant should request an evaluation of transfer credits at the time of initial enrollment. Official academic transcript or military transcript and an academic catalog from the institution where the credits were earned should be submitted to the Academic Dean prior to the established deadline. The transcript must list the course(s) taken and grades earned. The catalog must give course descriptions for all courses the applicant wishes to be reviewed for transfer. If the catalog is not from the same year in which the course was taken, or if the course code in the catalog does not match the code on the transcript, then additional material may need to be requested to verify the transferability of the credits. Courses reviewed for transfer must have a grade of 2.0 (C) or higher to be considered.
Please see Transfer Credit in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog for additional requirements.

Transfers from Other Educational Institutions outside the United States

If the applicant attended college outside the United States, an official translated transcript with translated catalog course descriptions must be provided. If the transcript needs to be translated, Educational Perspectives at should be contacted for credentialing. Educational Perspectives should be directed to send a copy of the report to Hamilton Technical College, Dean of Students, 1011 East 53rd Street, Davenport, Iowa 52807. The Dean of Students will consult with the Academic Dean, and Registrar and write an Advising Report stating which course(s) if any are accepted for transfer. All documentation will be filed in the applicant's file. All transfer students must complete 25 percent or more of their training at Hamilton Tech to fulfill graduation requirements.

Language Requirement

All courses are taught in English, therefore applicants must be able to speak, read, write and understand English. Applicants for whom English is a second language may be required to demonstrate English communication skills by way of the (TOFEL) Test as documentation of their ability to read, write and understand the English Language.

Acceptance Process

The Admissions Committee will review all required documents for review. The prospective students' ability to meet the requirements above will determine acceptance, conditional acceptance, or denial to Hamilton Tech as defined below:

  • Accepted: Applicants who have satisfied all admissions requirements.
  • Conditional Acceptance: Applicants who have outstanding documentation required for acceptance, for example: a High School Senior who has not yet graduated. The applicant is placed on Conditional Acceptance until all required documentation is received.
  • Denial: Applicants who fail to meet all of the admissions requirements by their scheduled start. Students who are denied admission may re-apply to subsequent starts by meeting all admissions requirements.

Once an applicant is accepted by the Admissions Committee, the applicant will be eligible for enrollment. To enroll, the applicant must execute an Enrollment Agreement after acceptance.


Hamilton Tech has an institutional commitment to provide equal educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
If a student would like to discuss accommodations, he/she should contact the Dean of Students who will discuss and review the required documentation.

Immunization Records

Students enrolled in the School of Allied Health must provide proof of certain immunizations by completion of second term. Required Immunization and TB Testing information are given at enrollment on a form called "Immunization Records." If these immunizations are not documented by the end of 2nd term, students may not continue to the 3rd term. In addition, a Health Screening may be required by the externship site.

Students are required to pay for any needed immunizations and health screenings.

Procedure for Classes that are Full or Become Full

If a student has a reserved seat in a class and that class has met Maximum Class Size, that student must be present on the first day of class to begin the program. If the student is not present on the first day of class and has not made arrangements with their admissions representative, their seat will be offered to the next available person on the wait list.

How can I be a successful Student?

Professionalism in the workforce begins with professionalism as a student. The following workshops may be offered and are intended to develop "soft skills," which combined with technical skills make graduates more marketable employees.

Effective Communication
Study Skills
Report Writing
Persuasive Communication
Letter and Memo Writing
Time Management
Public Speaking
Resume Writing
Interview Skills
Professionalism in the Workplace

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